Painting Ceilings

Farm inn and House share

DIY sounds good but it’s not so easy to do everything alone unless you are professional or good at doing it. However, painting is a little bit easier than other tasks.

But anyway tools and preparation are always necessary.

The first thing to do is buying tools for painting.

Next, I cleaned the ceilings by wiping and taking away dusts.

Then I covered some parts with tapes and plastic sheets. For the floor, I used old and unnecessary cardboards, curtains and sheets. Before throwing away using them were useful 🙂

I also moved a table and chairs to other rooms.

Preparations took time actually.

The next day, I asked help and we started to paint but after 30 mints of painting, paints ran out… 0.7L can of paint was not good enough for 19 square meters. So I went to the store to buy a 3.2L tin of paint.

After that I bought it again for the second time painting, though.

How we painted for the first time was here;

Short Movie via instagram

Before photos

After photos

messy … 😀
ops… edges…

Edges are still not so neat so I have to think what to do. But thanks to friends help, basically it became much nicer than before!

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