Inashiki in December

Local Store – Miyamoto Shoten – 宮本商店

This Local Store "Miyamoto Shoten" has passed down through generations. Miyamoto Shoten is "Yorozuya" in Japanese which...
Inashiki in July

Process of EDOSAKI Squash 2

Process of Edosaki Squash Part 1 Seedlings is this article; After seedling, I also helped to remove the first...
Travel Highlights

Loach -どじょう-

Do you eat loach? In Tokyo, it's not common to eat loach but here in Inashiki a lot of people eat it. Now loach is i...
Inashiki in February

How to make Fried Rice Cake

Deep Local Izakaya, fried rice cakes were served. The blog about Deep Local Experience is here.The fried rice cake was...
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