Applying Stains

Farm inn

Old houses are basically necessary to maintain regularly ,however, this house had been empty for a few years. Of course no maintenance had been done.

Front side there were some wooden pillars but those looked shabby.

Then the carpenter told me that it’d be neat if I apply stains on the surface. According to him, paints cover wood grain , however, applying stains could utilize its natural pattern.

Following the advice, I bought some stains and tried to apply on some pillars.

The result was the following photos ;


I added a solar light in the pillar.
The color of font pillars were grayish


Looks so much better than before 🙂
This time I just applied stains on some pillars because I was not sure the color that I had bought was suitable or not. But now I know the color is really fine to other pillars and it’s easy to do nicely 🙂

When I have time, will apply all pillars !

Short Movie via instagram