Cut Branches and Weeds by a Super Volunteer

Farm inn

One day I got some visitors and one of them told me he likes cutting trees.

I didn’t understand fully what’s the meaning.

One day It was really appreciated that I got an offer to get help from him to tidy up my garden and field.
I thought he could cut weeds for a few minutes, even thought it was great help to me.

But it wasn’t like that……!

That was way amazing more than I thought….!

He started to cut dynamically and quickly with his chainsaw.

A lot of weeds and a kind of small bamboos here… ” BEFORE PHOTO “
Covered with a kind of small bamboos “BEFORE PHOTO”

He started to cut with his chainsaw.

Cutting cutting cutting…!

The entrance was very narrow due to the trees. So he cut here with a chainsaw quickly.

His amazing cut attracted neighbors.
“AFTER” From the outside. The entrance is now much wider and easy to go inside by car!!!

You can enjoy how he cut via this short video.

I still could not believe that he did such a great work as a volunteer and spent time for a pretty long hour.

I’ve heard that he cut so many trees and weeds in different places when he has day off.

I didn’t know how I could show my appreciation, however, he just said he enjoyed cutting trees…! Wow!

So now in my field and surrounding are so neat 🙂