Inashiki in February

OBISYA Japanese Local Festival オビシャ

OBISYA - It's a local historical village festival in Japan which has been passed down for generations since roughly 400...
Inashiki in February

Setsubun -Throwing soybeans festival

Have you ever heard of "Setsubun"? Setsubun is one of our traditional festivals and held on the 3rd of February every y...
Inashiki in January

“bisya” festival and making “Shimenawa” Part 1

Mitsu-san Every year we have a Japanese traditioal event here called "Bisha". This year it's held on 1 February, co...
Inashiki in December

Rice cakes: Japanese tradition

Okaasan Have you ever seen making rice cakes? Do you want to try it with us ? Fuji Yes! I want to try it! ...
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