Farm & Garden

Spreading Compost and Preparation for Sunlight-Disinfection

Last time we all cleaned up eggplants in the greenhouse and now it's time to make a good soil again for the next season...
Farm & Garden

Removing Eggplants and Clean up in the Green house

Once a year the eggplant's farmer clean up in the green house to check and arrange the condition of the soil. The day ...
Farm & Garden

Taking out Tomato’s plants from the field in the Greenhouse

It's time to remove tomato's plants from the field in the greenhouse. Mostly Mitsu-san used his machine to gather and p...
Farm & Garden

Bees in the Greenhouse

It's spring now and the temperature is getting increasing. So now it's time for bees to fly in the greenhouse! Durin...
Farm & Garden

Swiss chards and ice plants in the greenhouse

At the beginning of January The swiss chards grew up very well. Ice plan grew well but it is just on...
Farm & Garden

Planting Eggplants Seedlings

Mitsu-san I'm going to plant eggplants seedlings. Please come and help! Fuji Ok! In August, Mitsu san to...
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