A room Renovation

Farm inn

This room had a lot of furniture and garbage. When I saw this room, I could not enter it because there was even a thick layer of mould on the walls!
I wiped it several times to remove it. I asked for help and you can see the following page for more details ;

After cleaning, finally we could walk into it. Then we noticed the floor was terribly damaged and almost felt destroyed…!
I thought just cleaning was good enough for this room ,however, it wasn’t….
I had to do something for the floor.
In addition, the side walls were also damaged…

This sealing light was almost broken…
After cleaning it looked better BUT bottom of the walls and the floor were heavily damaged.

The bottom of the walls, we decided to cover with wall coverings.

New socket was installed.

I really wanted to use a green and blue wall paper for this wall.

Before applying the brown stain on the pillar on the right side.
After applying the brown stain on the pillar. It was a small thing but it looked really different!
Replaced a sealing light to a new LED light.

Finally this room was transformed into this.
It’s really bright and much nicer 🙂 This room is going to be one of the rooms for a flat share.
Are you interested in living in this room? Let me know 😉