Travel Highlights

Bamboo shoots “Madake”

In April, "MOSO" bamboo shoots are in season. Now in June, "MADAKE" bamboo shoots are ready to harvest!MADAKE is smalle...
Farm & Garden

How Do Bamboos Grow from Bamboo shoots?

Bamboo forests are always awesome! Those areas make me feel very calm and give us fresh air. When I went to the bamboo ...

The inventor in Ibaraki, Japan

Coincidentally I met an inventor, in Ibaraki, Japan. He makes a different kind of investments such as mower and bamboo ...

Thatched Roof House in Inashiki-city, Ibaraki Part1

It was in August I got information there was a thatched house roof in Inashiki-city, Ibaraki.When I saw that house, I w...
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