Process of EDOSAKI Squash 2

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Process of Edosaki Squash Part 1 Seedlings is this article;

After seedling, I also helped to remove the first sprout. It was detailed work.

Pointing out the part need to remove.
Sprout which was removed.

Manually each sprout and small fruit are removed.

A lot of plants to do!

After 10 days, these seedling were getting bigger and bigger so it’s time to do another step.
Next, choose 3 stems with sprouts and remove other ones.
Then hold them with U-shaped pin.

When growing squash in a greenhouse, you need to put pollen to female flowers. Some people use bees.
This farmer grow EDOSAKI Squash both ways; outside and inside of the green houses. I also tried to do.

Remove petals to easy to put pollen.

Roughly 3months after seedling, it’s time to harvest.
There were a lot of more things to do during the time, though.

This golden sticker is the mark that this EDOSAKI Kabocha Squash is genuine. There are a lot of similar ones but genuine “EDOSAKI Kabocha Squash” is the only this.

The bottom of the photo.
So beautiful!!!