Hina Matsuri -Hina Doll Festival

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3rd March is Hina Doll Festival in Japan and the festival is to celebrate for girl’s children.

Usually displaying a few weeks before the festival, and 3rd March it’s necessary to put them away immediately otherwise it is said that marriage would be later in life. It’s just superstition but who knows it’s true or not…

Every year this area displayed Hina Doll for the festival. But here it’s different from others.
We displayed on the long stairs in Hudoin Temple. That’s so impressive!

On 3rd March in the morning, the preparation started. A lot of people worked together for it.

Before displaying Hina Doll and red carpets.
We carried all the materials for the display.
A lot of Dolls etc.

First, we put the red carpets on the stairs and started to put dolls or other items.

There are some rules on how to put all dolls and items.
To find dolls with the same size and design was tough. It was pretty messy…

Around 20 people worked together and it took roughly 2 hours to display all the dolls.
After that, kids and other guests started to come here and took photos with it.

Today around 4 PM, we are going to put away. It’ll be displayed only for 6 hours… What’s an impermanent beauty…

And it seems this year this special display for Hina Doll Festival will be ended. It’s very tough for elder people to take their time while they are working and having a lot of things to do. They have a lot of knowledge and work very quickly and smoothly. Without their help, it will be hard to keep this event.

That’s quite sad not to do next year … And it seems it will be disposed of all dolls after today’s event.

Anyway, this display is only for today 3rd March. Hope you like it!

There is a historical house called “Syouyukan” in Inashiki, inside of that, locals also made dolls and displayed very well. Every year they changed the concept and all dolls are hand made. That’s so amazing.
Here are some photos. Please see the following;