Edible Flower

Farm & Garden

One of the plants that I really wanted to grow is edible flower.
In Japan, it’s not so common and it’s getting popular ,though.

So I planted some and now it’s blooming 🙂


The taste of nasturtium leaves is a little bit spicy and I like it. Petals are also edible. The color is so lovely. So when adding edible flower and serve with local foods, people might feel something new or attractive well.


Actually I forgot planting the seeds so I was wondering what were these ?
After seeing the flowers, finally I remember that I had planted borage in my field 😀

I made ice with these flowers and looks pretty good 🙂

This year even at the end of July, it has been raining and very humid so some roots of borage rot 🙁
But some grow pretty well and bloom quickly and continuously.
I need a person who can utilize these edible flowers and some vegetables grown in my field.