Okaasan’s field -getting bigger and bigger!

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Nowadays it’s getting warm and I feel spring has come.

At the beginning of March, when I went to Okaasan’S field I was so surprised.
The ice plant and swiss chards were getting so huge…!!

Swiss chards red color
Swiss chards yellow color
So beautiful!

And carrots were also getting bigger and leaves were so messy 😀

Carrots’ leaves were covered with a lot of weeds. Some weeds were good according to some method. But it seems a little bit too much… So I removed some of them.

Getting better?

I didn’t pick all weeds because it seems ladybugs like them.


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The ice plant was also so big.


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At first, the ice plant was like this size. And about the past blog is here.


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This month I will plant other seeds probably 🙂