Kitchen Renovation

Farm inn

The kitchen was pretty large so it was also tough to clean and renovate.
At first I had to remove all rubbish as you can see in the photos, there was a pile of rubbish. Some of them are still possible to use so I divided which ones were dumped or not.
It took several days since I had to check all items and decide. If the items were less, it would have been much easier…

After throwing away unnecessary items and dirty items or broken furniture, the kitchen looked bigger than before and the dirt became more visible.
The walls and floor were covered with mold and dirt…

However, I also thought if the walls were cleaned, the kitchen might be totally changed.
I talked over with a professional carpenter how we should renovate with my limited budget.
Then we decided to apply new wall coverings and replace it with a new kitchen board. The carpenter suggested me to paint the ceiling on my own.

After cleaning the kitchen cabinets and put all the dishes into it, I realised it took some time to do all. Because inside of the cabinets were so dirty…

Then, I asked my co-worker to paint the wall.

The ceiling was also dirty…

We started to paint the ceiling. It was large so it took time.

I cleaned the floor and walls.

After painting the ceiling with one coat, I thought it was necessary to paint several times. For the first time I asked for help and the following times, I did it basically alone. After painting several times, the ceiling became much brighter and nicer than before.

After painting the ceiling.

Then, the carpenter started to apply new wall coverings.

A ceiling light was also replaced.
A new down light was added.
A new light was also added.

Professionals’ work was so fast and amazing. The kitchen transformed into this.
However, the wooden parts near the windows were still dirty.

So I got help to file.

After filing them, I applied stain on them.

Then, I cleaned the floor more.

Tidy up dishes!

Now the kitchen is completed 🙂