Best Bird Watching Site in Inashiki, Ibaraki, Japan

Inashiki in May

So beautiful scenery. Here is “Myoginohana” “妙岐ノ鼻” in Japanese.
Around 50ha of the marsh and it’s also a field of growing Japanese grass called “kaya”.

Observation shed is 700m from here. Let’s take a walk!

Need to walk more.

Then found the shed!

Here is the observation shed.
View from the shed.

This place is famous for bird watching and in Inashiki-city, Japan you can see kind of “bean goose” which is one of the special national natural species.
“Oohishikui” in Japanese.

You could see the birds’ photos following;


If you like birdwatching, this place is absolutely must visit 😉

If you like magnificent landscapes, this place is on your list 🙂