Tidying up a Room!

Farm inn and House share

This photo is one of the rooms.
One day friends offered me to help cleaning.

So we started to carry furniture and wiped the floor, walls and ceiling.

Before photo

Above photo is one of the before photos BUT previous owner cleaned up and after that I have already thrown away some furniture and tidy up other items. So Before it had been much messier than this condition.


All the walls, floors and ceiling were so dirty we wiped them but only a few time were not good enough. Several times we had to wash dust cloth and wiped again and again.

I had expected we could not clean this room just for a day.
My plan is one room for 2 weeks at least.

Thanks to their help, carrying furniture was much easier and wiping walls etc was also much faster than I did alone 🙂


Looks much better, right?
But of course it has not finished yet at all. Another day I had to wipe all walls and floor again. And it seems the floor has to be renovated something.

I think when renovation started, I can not stop finding other parts that seem they are necessary to renovate more….

It’s also tough to prioritize which ones that I have to do first.

Anyway, it takes time!

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