Big Cleaned Up!

Farm inn

Basically there are a lot of stuff in abandoned houses. This house is no exception.

It’s impossible to renovate with a lot of things in the house and firstly I sorted out what leave or not. Actually this work was pretty tough and took time.

I put a red tape to things that I think it’s not necessary. So it’s obvious which ones are disposed of.

Actually I’m a hoarder that’s why I felt it was really hard 😀

After sorting out,I asked professionals who help me to dispose all unnecessary things. 3 men worked on it and they are all proficient workers so it took just for 3 hours.

A key word is “Less is more” when you organize your house.

Some furniture I decided to utilize like a closet and shelf, those items are going to be a shoe rack and a book shelf.

This time I had to throw them away a lot but there are just some of them.

It looked so dark and musty…

This furniture was taken by the locals. I was so glad it was utilize well. It’s possible to throw them away but this condition is pretty well and I didn’t want to waste of things as much as possible.
I asked 20 secondhand shops if they can buy furniture.

Any secondhand shops didn’t show their interests sadly even though the furniture was really expensive.

Anyway, in this room under these tatami, wooden parts have been already decayed and there are no window frames…

It will be costly to renovate especially this room. I need to consider how to do it with my limited budget.