Washing Room Renovation Progress

Farm inn

This washing room was covered with mold and there was an old wash basin with a lot of garbage.
In addition, the underfloor was badly damaged.
The sealing light as you can see the photo was too old and I was scared to use it.
After pandering, I’ve decided to install a new wash basin and apply wall coverings.
I had no idea what to do about the sealing light but the professional carpenter suggested to use a down light and set up a new switch button on the wall.

My budget was limited so I talked over with him and he told me if I find an affordable wash basin on the internet, he could install it and it would be cheaper.
Then I searched a wash basin which I like the design and color and found it and informed him to use it.

As you can see the bottom of the wall there was a electrical socket and it was pretty dangerous.
Replacing a new down light and applying some material to make a surface flat.
I wanted to use a dark blue on the wall.
It had to make water system here.
So nice now!
New one is here!
Installed the wash basin which I choose on the internet.
Put a washing machine. This one was not new but looks not so bad, right?

I wanted to use the same wall coverings which were used for the shower room.
Now it’s almost done and after the main renovation by the professional, there are still wooden window frames that I want to do more.

Then I used a sander and applied the brown stain on it.

You can see the progress in the following ;