Farm inn
Old heater

In winter here it is also very cold. This house should have a KOTATSU!

By the way, do you know “KOTATSU”?

KOTATSU is a Japanese traditional heater and table with a blanket.
The heater is attached under the table so when you put your legs in it, you will feel comfortably hot 🙂

I found a very big and old table in this house but its heater seemed to be broken and with no cable and socket. When I checked the production date, I found out this Kotatsu was 30 years old…!

The quality of the wooden board itself was good and it was still possible to use so I just wanted to change the heater and utilize the table.
This Kotatsu was too old so the size of the heater was an old version and now I can not buy the old one anymore so wooden frames had to be cut and be adjusted.

Then I just talked about the KOTATSU to my neighbor and he immediately called his friend and asked him if he can replace it. Luckily he was working near my house and came to us quickly. Then he told me if I buy a heater he could replace it for me …!!!

The next day I bought it and called him and another day my neighbor and his friend came to my house and adjusted the frame of the KOTATSU skillfully.

The old size was 27cm * 33 cm and standard size is 29cm*29cm so more than we thought. It was pretty complicated and took a long time.
However, kind locals did it perfectly and now this Kotatsu is in the future common space.

After replacement

Then I bought a FUTON and a soft fluffy rug and set up them on a KOTATSU.

If you haven’t tried it , this is absolutely recommended !!!
The KOTATSU is so comfy 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can use it during winter season 😉