Sweet potatoes サツマイモ 芋掘り体験

sweetpotatoes Inashiki in November

In June women farmers’ group called “God mother” plants sweet potatoes seedling. Some people including me helped them.

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Now it’s time to harvest !
In the beginning of November we visited them again to help harvesting. This is because every year kindergarten students come there to have farm experience.

This year due to covid-19, kids were wearing masks before coming there and probably it was very worthy for them to do something outside.
They looked happy and excited during their harvesting experience.

Preparation before kids come.

On my field sweet potatoes are in seasons now.
I harvested some of them and they were so huge sweet potatoes!!!

A lot of sweet potatoes. But these are just some of them.

One day my friend from Tokyo visited me when she could get precious 2 days off.
I asked her if she wants to have mini-farm experience and the answer was YES!

So we went to my mini farm and she enjoyed harvesting experience.

My friend was struggling to harvest such a huge sweet potatoes.
She looked happy to see that 😉

She has living in Tokyo so this farm experience made her so happy. She said ” nature and touching soil are very important for us. It was fun! “
Having this kind of experience is very worthy for people especially who live in a city.

Are you interested in living in Inashiki-city?
Next year around April, this shared house will be open with affordable price and if you want to visit here this place is also combined a guest house for visitors 😉