Pampas grass Project Part 4

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Finally, Pampas grass got its ears …!

This color looks slightly brown because it’s wet.

Pampas grass Project Series

As you can see, now pampas grass grow very well 🙂

Two Third got their ears. These pampas grass were from the super grandma. I thought this year would be very difficult to have them because in June it was too rainy and in July it was too hot.

Another pampas grass that I bought at the store grown well and got ears. But the width of the stem is still thinner than others.

Then I was thinking ” I want to let the super grandma know I got ears! But probably she is as usual very busy.”

One day I got a phone call and it was from her. She invited me to have lunch!

Her cooking was amazing.

Most of ingredients are grown her field and all vegetables are completely organic!!!

In addition, I got new pampas grass 🙂 I’m so happy!!!

We went to her another garden and looked at the oldest pampas grass.

Now those are so beautiful !!!

Actually on the day it was supposed to hit a typhoon but luckily changed its pass. But the weather was cloudy.
This is the reason the super grandmad had some spare time 🙂
These look so fluffy.


It takes for 30 years to have like that …!!! 😀

That’s too hard for me but next year hope to get more ears 🙂