How to make Dried Persimmons 干し柿の作り方

Inashiki in November

One of the typical fruits in Japan are persimmons.

A Long time ago you could see anywhere dried persimmons in Japan but nowadays it’s not a feature of everyday life.

Generally, there are two kinds of persimmons; one is sweet and the other is an astringent persimmon.

The sweet ones are able to be eaten fresh and the astringent ones are not. However, when dried, it becomes really sweet. In my house there are a few astringent persimmon trees 🙂


First, you can pick the persimmons. It has to be a hard one rather than softer when you touch it. Before being mature, you need to harvest.

When harvesting, it’s better to leave a small part of the branch. Then you can easily tie and hang with a string.

Next, peeling them thinly.

Then, you need to hang them and put under sunlight. You have to move them everyday slightly to allow them to be under sunlight all the time.

After a few days, the surface looks a bit dried. You can softly grip it and push out its moisture.

1 or 2 months later, it’s time to eat them!

Persimmons have great nutrition , therefore, it’s healthy. In addition, it’s sweet and yummy!!!