Hornet’s nest…!


In countryside, there are a lot of bugs.
I know it’s impossible to avoid it ,however, I’m not a huge fun of bugs…

Since I moved here, elementary school students started to visit me and sometime they helped me to cut weeds.

One day they told me there was a beehive behind the house and under the roof. After quick look and searched the shape on the website, I figured out that was a hornet’s nest…

Luckily, in Inashiki-city, there is an administrative service to remove hornet’s nest for free. I called them immediately and safely it was removed by professionals.

Just in case they also checked other areas in the house if there were other beehives, it seemed so far it was fine.

It is said that if you don’t do anything against wasps, they don’t hurt us but unknowingly we might frighten them.

Anyway, gladly we are all safe 🙂