Using a Sander

Farm inn

To minimize costs, DIY is significant. Painting is fine but other things are unsure if I can do well.

Then a carpenter who renovated shower rooms gave me advise to buy a sander.
He said currently it looks very old on wood, however, filing and applying a stain its looks beautiful again. And it’s not so difficult for a beginner.

Then I bought a sander. It was pretty easy to use and very obvious to see after doing that. It was fun 🙂

So I use the sander several places.

I had to say again, it was pretty fun!

After using it, the wooden frame looked pretty cool 🙂

I took a video of the process.

To conclude, having a sander is very useful and using it is pretty easy and fun.
If you are a novice, it’s not necessary to buy an expensive one.
Around 5,000 YEN you can buy it and it’s pretty const-effective 🙂