Utilizing Barley

Farm & Garden

I visited a squash farmer’s field who also grows barley for green manure.
Barley looks beautiful!

The farmer said some his fields are just for barley to make green manure but these barley fields are too overgrown to use so now these are just growing to protect from weeds.

When I looked at them I thought these could be a nice dry-plants display so asked him if it’s ok to get some. He said

“these are absolutely unnecessary ones so you can have as much as you want! “

So I harvested some.


Bunching them to make a bouquet and I cut to align the bottom of stems.
And I noticed inside of the stem has completely empty. And the stem made me realized that barley straws are getting popular due to a tendency for reducing plastic.

Then I tried to make straws with them.

Take a barley
Cut joints. Wash and dry.
A clean and nice whole of the stem

The stem of the barley is straight and inside is completely empty. It looks very nice to use for straws.

a Bouquet of green barley. It’s pretty, right?

It might be nice if I grow a lot of barley to make straws 😀