How to Sow Rice seeds

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When this cherry blossoms bloom, it’s time to sow rice seeds.
However, this time, it was freezing and a little bit snowy.

This cherry blossom tree is the guide for planting.

When I heard “sowing”, I had some image but what we did was totally different from what I thought.

I always feel to be a farmer is very costly!
They have a large sowing machine that looks like conveyer belt machinery.
First, they set a plastic wide box and then put soil into the machine and automatically and evenly the box is filled with soil.
After that, water comes out from the machine and rice seeds are spread on the soil. Then, again it is filled with soil.

Everyone had different tasks and cooperated together.
My task was to carry the box to a carriage. After filled with soil and water the box was pretty heavy. For a few hours, I had just carried them continuously so the following day my arms had kind of muscular pain.

After sowing rice seeds, we put them on the ground and covered with the sheet.


the Coldest seeding ever! 🇯🇵(@madam_fujiko)がシェアした投稿 –

We need to do again another day so we can avoid harvesting all at the same time.

It’s always interesting to know and have such experience related to our food 🙂