Shower Renovation

Farm inn

The first renovation has been started from the shower room.
All rooms have to be well cleaned as well as renovation ,however, I wanted to move to this house as soon as possible for some reasons so I decided to live in the small office in the same field while renovating and cleaning this house.

In the office room, there is no shower that’s why the shower room had to be the first thing to do.

Some people will live in this house at the same time so just one shower is not good enough. It’s a bit costly ,however,I decided to install 2 shower units and removed the old dirty bathtub.

In Inashiki-city, there is a public spa and bath called “Azuma Kenko Center”.
It takes for 10 minutes by car. If you want to take a bath in a large bathtub etc it’ll be nice to visit there.

I wrote about it on my blog;

Before Photos

The bathroom was fully covered with mold and dirt.
This house had been an abandoned house for 2 years but I’m sure this dirty had passed more than that…

Under Renovation

After having a meeting several time with a contractor, the renovation has been started.

The right wall had to be removed.
The left side a new wall was built.
New light was added.

Wall coverings are significant and it was tough for me to decide… I got material samples a lot but too much choices made me confused 😀

After focus on choosing wall, sealing and floor coverings, finally I decided like this!

Completion 2-Shower

Finally the 2-shower has been completed!
That’s pretty nice 🙂 I believe that shower or wet places have to be clean and sanitary.

Ops, this is just a part of long process, though 😉

There are a lot of things to do more!