Planting potatoes, Japanese radishes and so on.

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Okaasan(Mitsusans mother)
Okaasan(Mitsusans mother)

Today I’m planting some seeds in the field.


I also want to do that!

Coincidentally, when I was at Mitsu san’s place, Mitsu san’s mother was about to plant some seeds in her field. So immediately I decided to do with her.

some tools for preparation.

Okaasan started to grab a long black string and a stick.

Stab the stick into the soil.
Making a line with the black string.
Digging the soil with a hoe along the string.

Btw, it’s pretty tough to take photos while farming at the same time…sorry the photos are not so good quality. Anyway…!
After digging up, she pulled up the stick again and slide to the next place and did the same work.

Next, put fertilizer in a certain even interval with a bucket.

This time she brought two types of potatoes.

These potatoes were pretty big so she cut into 4 pieces. And when you cut them, you need to see if you find shoots on it and put the shoots on the soil.

Cutting potatoes.
Put the potatoes cut into 4 pieces between fertilizer.

After putting potatoes, covered them with the soil. An important tip is to make the surface smooth. If the field is not flat, there will be some puddle on it.

And then we kept doing the same work again for other potatoes and vegetables.

The next day, the weather would be rainy so we planted seeds. It’s always a good time to plant seeds before a rainy day when you grow plants outside.

This time we also decided to multiply the ice plant by separating their leaves.


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Let’s see if we can increase these divided ice plants!