Getting Sunlight by Trimming Branches Surrounding “GONGEN-sama”

Farm inn

Since I moved here, almost everyday someone visit there 🙂

One day as usual I got some visitors and they offered me to trim branches and bamboos that had not been maintained for a while.

Actually, behind my guest house and shared house, there is a mini-Shinto shrine and buddhist temple called “Gongen-sama”. A few locals still visit and pray there.

But it was a little bit dark coz it was so messy and bushy.

Accepting their kind offer, suddenly cutting branches started.

All tools such as saws, a rope and a ladder are in my warehouse. Because previous owner left a lot of items.

We piled up all branches and bamboos here temporary.
They were so powerful and active!!
He is a junior high school student!

They cut bamboos and branches actively. Soon this are started to be blight.

Then one kid, who often visit me, came with his friend and they told me they wanted to work with us.

So they also started to cut branches and carried them.

a heap of branches with leaves
Now you can see GONGEN-san clearly!!!
another perspective.

We need to cut off other branches but this area is now so clean!!!