Bees in the Greenhouse

Farm & Garden

It’s spring now and the temperature is getting increasing.
So now it’s time for bees to fly in the greenhouse!

During winter, bees don’t move actively so this farm uses “tomato-tone”. But tomato-tone is transparent. When it sprays, you can not see if flowers are already applied. It’s significant to know that because it has to be spray only one time. So to solve this matter, they add food coloring into it.
By doing so, after spraying flowers colored blue so they will see if flowers are already sprayed or not.

In spring, however, bees can work actively so you don’t need to use it.

Blue color is tomato tone.
Can you see a blue color on the petal?

In the greenhouse, tomato tone or bees is significant to bear eggplants. Currently, when I work in the greenhouse, I can hear bees sounds. I know unless I do anything, they don’t sting me but sometimes I feel a bit scared.
Because last month when a woofer was working, she was stung by a bee… She told me she hadn’t done anything at the bee but it happened…
When I was trimming, a bee was hiding under the leaf and I almost smashed it…

Anyway, trimming offshoots always makes me happy and calm, though.

80g is the best eggplants to harvest. This one is bit small.