Thatched Roof House in Inashiki-city, Ibaraki Part2

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We cut bamboos and gathered some Japanese pampas grass which was stored in a warehouse.
And we know a great professional thatched roof craftsman in Ibaraki as well as a large field of growing cogon-grass and Japanese pampas grass.

It seemed everything was going well.

However, I got a phone call from the owner of the thatched roof house and he told me that the house of the drain pipe had been broken and I needed to compensate it for damage since I was the one who broke it.

It was pretty shocking so I went to the place to see what happened there.

When I arrived there, water had been stopped but the ground was so muddy.


I made a phone called to talk to the owner and got an explanation well again.

It happened the day before we carried some Japanese pampas grass etc at that time we used a truck and it seemed the drainpipe on the ground had been broken when we passed on it.

For a few weeks, it was a tough time for me to solve all the problems. But getting support from others it was solved properly.

This problem made me think carefully and it was a kind of lesson.
Before making any contract, starting even it’s just preparation is very risky.

Besides, one important thing became clear; Another small house can not use to stay.

There are one big thatched house and a small house in the same space.
The owner told me before
“You can use both houses freely.”
But in reality, I could enter into a small house freely but can not use it for a guesthouse.
The house that I can use for a guesthouse is only the broken thatched house.

In addition, to get a subsidy we have to apply for it that’s of course, however, the calling has not started yet and we didn’t know when it started again. Even if we could apply, the cost would be really expensive. So we are not sure if we could cover it.

Moreover, the graduate student is going to move to another prefecture from Spring.

It seemed it would be better to make a plan again.

I took action before everything was fixed and ready. I should have taken action after making plans more firmly and carefully.

I decided to take it back to the drawing board.

However, there were still a lot of bamboos that we had cut together and Japanese pampas grass in the owner’s warehouse…

I had to get rid of them.

The height of bamboos is 8 meters long… “How can I do that…” I had a big anxiety.

One day, I visited a cafe that opens once a week. The owner is the one who worked with me for the thatched house and she is an architect. She asked her old friend if he could help us to carry with his truck. He was willingly accepted!
I felt secured. Thanks a lot, Kko-san!
In addition, she suggested to utilize them by giving them to the thatched roof craftsman!

We scheduled and the day came.

The height of bamboos is too long so we had to cut to make them around 4 meters and tied firmly. And then we loaded a truck with them.

After loading, we headed to the Hozenji temple. Currently the thatched roof craftsman has been replaing the roof of the Hozenji temple. 



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The thatched roof craftsman. She is pretty young but really professional.
Beetles larva loves the thatched roof

All of bamboos and cogon-grass etc were carried and given to the craftsman. That’s nice not to waste of them and she will utilize them fully 🙂

The project of the thatched roof house for a guest house was failed but I was glad everyone’s effort had paid off.

Anyway, it started over … I need to find another empty house …!