Planting Eggplants Seedlings

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I’m going to plant eggplants seedlings. Please come and help!



In August, Mitsu san told me that he was going to plant eggplants seedling so come and help him. My answer is of course “ok!”.

When I arrived at his farm, there were a lot of eggplants seedlings. He prepared for the water system and planting started.

We shared the work. A woofter put eggplants seedlings next to the downhole and Okaasan and another woofer dug and plant it and I watered.

Eggplant seedling

The size of water should be slightly bigger than its leaves and water in a circular motion. The soil was very dried so we had to water a lot as if eggplant seedlings were so thirsty.

And then put a stick next to it like above.

While doing farming, taking photos is pretty tough so what I took photos is just a few sorry!