Edible Flower Part2

Farm & Garden

Finally the flower I really wanted to have has bloomed !

The flower is butterfly pea.

Long time ago when I visited my friend in Thailand, she gave me a cup of blue tea.
Looking at it, I was so astonished and asked what was that.

That was butterfly pea.

Nowadays it’s getting popular in Japan but it has not so common yet.

I really wanted to grow this plant but in Japan we have winter so only summer time is the season for it and it’s not so easy to find the seeds at the normal flower shop.

At the end of June butterfly peas were so small.

Lovely sprouts.

This year, in July most of the time it was rainy and not hot at all.
In August, as the temperature increased dramatically, this plants were getting growing.
Here is now around 33 degrees. It’s hot and humid but it seems butterfly peas love this weather 😀

After picking some flowers, I put in a pan and boiled to make tea.

petals of butterfly peas

After boiling, water became sky blue!!! It’s absolutely natural but so lovely 😀

I also made ice 😉

That’s so lovely so hope to get more flowers and seeds for the next year as well !
So you will have this tea 😉

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