How Do Bamboos Grow from Bamboo shoots?

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Bamboo forests are always awesome! Those areas make me feel very calm and give us fresh air.

When I went to the bamboo forest as usual, I found baby bamboos, young bamboos and mature bamboos those look like bamboos’ life.

Since it’s very interesting I will share with you !

Above photo is a bamboo baby. It means, bamboo shoot. After harvesting you can eat !

But you need to dig deeply to get it.
The following photo, it’s getting bigger and bigger and not suitable to eat.

Bamboos have really strong abilities to survive. You need to take care of the forest neatly otherwise it’ll be rough easily.
Before getting mature bamboos, you need to harvest bamboo shoots. It’s pretty tough,though.

Bamboo’s skin is still there but getting peeling from the bottom.
You can see the bamboo’s green skin!

Then become real bamboos like the following;

During summer this place has a lot of mosquitos but other seasons are very nice to be there especially in the morning.

Are you interested in this place ?

When you come here, I will take you to this place if I have time 😉

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