Bamboo shoots behind Farm inn ” INASHIKI NEST”

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In April, it’s really comfortable if you are not suffering from hey fever.

In the morning and evening it is slightly chilly but there are no bugs surrounding you.
It’s spring in Japan.
You can then have a bamboo shoot experience. There are some houses which have bamboo forests and they suggested to me to harvest some bamboo shoots.

It’s pretty tough to harvest because bamboos shoots are under the ground and you need power to dig it deeply with a shovel, it’s interesting, though.

Actually behind the farm inn “INASHIKI NEST”, there are some bamboos so you can also harvest them in April.

At the beginning of April, I checked if there are bamboo shoots. Then I found them!

Can you find where the bamboo shoot is?

They are not so easy to find but can you see them ?

Hint is this photo;

Now you know where it is!

Broken bamboo shoots… Edible part is too small…

I harvested it but I didn’t have good enough power because the soil was too tough to dig deeply. That means when I took it out completely, it was already broken.

I was looking around if there is another bamboo shoot. Again, I found it!

Oh, I found again! But it’s already grown a lot so not so soft and yummy compared to the small one.

It’s too big and not so good for eating. The small one is much more delicious.
Today’s outcome 🙂

When you make a miso soup, you can put it in directly after washing but basically you need to boil with rice bran in order to remove the bamboo shoots lye.

I buried its skin into the ground. The skin will be a good compost 🙂

If you are interested in harvesting bamboo shoots, you can have an experience in April here 😉