Persimmons Vinegar 柿酢

Inashiki in January

Persimmons are really useful. I learned how to make vinegar with them.
It’s very simple and easy to make.
In December persimmons started to become mature. It’s softer and you can see a slightly white color on the surface. The white one is yeast which is the key to make the vinegar successful.

First, before putting the mature persimmons, we sterilize a glass container in boiling water.
Next, put the mature persimmons and mix with a wooden spatula.

Then, cover with a cloth. Don’t close the lid completely because it’ll be fermented.
After that, everyday just mixing with the spatula. After 1 or 2 months, you will get the vinegar.

Around 2 months after making the vinegar. Sweet and sour now!

After making the vinegar, strain and put into another glass container.
That’s all 😉