Y’s farm

Farm & Garden

In this area, a lot of locals have their own farms. This time I visited Ysan’s farm. Actually he is a rice farmer but he also takes care of some vegetables.

When you see the snap pea below, it looks a bit plump. This one is good to harvest.

It’s time to harvest.

When you see the below, on the other hand, this snap pea looks very flat. So it’s not right time to harvest.

Need more time to harvest.

Here is tomato plants. According to Y san, Tomato is one of the easiest vegetables to grow.

He also takes care of some other vegetables such as Japanese radish, broccoli etc.

Between greenhouses, tulips are blooming 🙂

lovely color.

Bitter summer orange trees are in his garden and he game me some as souvenir!


Take #vitamin C 😉

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Chinese cabbage’s buds are eatable. I got some and it looks like vegetable bouquet.

Chinese cabbage buds

In this area there are so many bamboos forests so during this season in April you will get mini bamboos 😉

After getting some vegetables’ souvenir, as usual it’s time to cook!
I also used beets. It became a colorful miso soup 😀

After boiling Chinese cabbage and broccoli.
beets pasta. Vivid color comes from beets.

Glowing, harvesting and eat vegetables. This process is actually obvious but when I was in Tokyo, it was no common.
To eat vegetables, I had to buy at grocery stores.
I feel this process is fun and also important for us 🙂