Bamboo shoots “Madake”

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In April, “MOSO” bamboo shoots are in season. Now in June, “MADAKE” bamboo shoots are time to harvest!
MADAKE is smaller than MOSO especially its width.

These are “Madake” the following;


There are a lot of bamboo shoots ! When you harvest, you just need to bend at the bottom. Easily you can get them.

“MOSO” bamboo shoots. As you can see this one is much thicker and bigger.
Btw, this size grew too much and it’s not tasty at all.

How To Peel Bamboo’s Skin and Take Parts Eaten ?

First, cut it in half.

Shove your finger into the bamboo shoots and move forward then take it out.

After that boil it and then cook it with something such as Rice ball called “ONIGIRI” in Japanese.

This rice balls were so yummy! I’ve heard how to make it and will share it here.

Firstly, boil bamboo shoots and stir fly with sesame oil. Then add sesame and mixed them with rice. Finally, add salt.
That’s it ! 😀


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