The process of installing new air conditioners!

Farm inn

Some rooms had wall-mounted air conditioners originally but those were really old. Some of them were produced 20 years ago and some of them were out of control…

It was costly to replace all air conditioners, however, they desperately needed to be replaced. In addition, some rooms didn’t have plugs for ACs…
This meant that we had to install new electric wirings in some rooms.

Then I asked my professional carpenter who has an electrician license, if he could do that work.

His answer was yes but it seemed it was not so easy to do that because the house’s main switch board is located very far from the rooms that needed new electric wiring.

On construction day, he asked me if there was an entrance on the ceiling to get inside the attic. I showed him the attic door and he climbed inside…!!!

The carpenter is in the attic.

Going to the attic is really scared for me because there might be some bugs or animals…
I really respect my carpenter.

Inside of the attic…!

After he installed the electric wiring under the roof, he came down covered in cobwebs… Luckily, there seemed to be no destructive animals such as palm civets or rats etc…

Next, he went to outside and used a tall ladder to climb on the roof and connect the wiring.

The view from the roof.

After several acrobatic works, finally new plugs were installed in the rooms.

Then each of the air conditioners were replaced perfectly.

The process of installing air conditioners was pretty interesting. Professional skills and tools are definitely necessary. I really respect skilled workers like my carpenter who have really mastered their craft.

Now the rooms at the Farm Inn Guesthouse are ready for summer season!