Setsubun -Throwing soybeans festival

Inashiki in February

Have you ever heard of “Setsubun”?

Setsubun is one of our traditional festivals and held on the 3rd of February every year.
We throw beans at demon or goblin called “Oni” in Japanese while calling

“Demons out! Fortune in!” “鬼は外! 福は内!”

You can find this festival anywhere at shrines or temples in Japan on “Setsubun” day, this year I helped Edosaki-area in Inashiki-city.

We prepared for throwing beans and snacks &rice cakes with lucky tickets.
Kids throw snacks and rice cakes and some of them are with lucky tickets. If you get it you can replace them with some special prize.

pink rice cakes
white rice cakes
soybeans for throwing
rice cakes and snacks for throwings

Around 5 PM, it started.

Kids threw snacks and rice cakes from a higher place and other people were waiting and trying to catch them.


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After that, people got soybeans with a paper cup and visited around shrines and temples.

Local map for visiting around temples, shrines, and shops.

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Anyone can join this event! If you are interested, you can visit here on 3rd February 😉

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