Traditional Events

Inashiki in February

OBISYA Japanese Local Festival オビシャ

OBISYA - It's a local historical village festival in Japan which has been passed down for generations since roughly 400...
Inashiki in March

Hina Matsuri -Hina Doll Festival

3rd March is Hina Doll Festival in Japan and the festival is to celebrate for girl's children. Usually displaying a few...
Inashiki in January

“bisya” festival and making “Shimenawa” Part 2

"Bisya" festival part 1 is here. After making Shimenawa, we brought them back to the guardian got for the area. G...
Inashiki in August

Fireworks Festival in Inashiki

In Japan, during the summertime, there are so many fireworks festivals anywhere. Some people wear Japanese traditional ...
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