Spreading Compost and Preparation for Sunlight-Disinfection

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Last time we all cleaned up eggplants in the greenhouse and now it’s time to make a good soil again for the next season.

Before spreading compost

This soil is really soft. I took a video so you will feel how soft this soil is.

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How soft !

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Before spreading compost, this soil is already very soft. But we need to put a lot of compost on the field.

heap of compost!

Work is simple. Carrying compost by a truck and spreading it with a shovel manually.
After running up the compost, again carrying by the truck and spreading it continually.

We haven’t finished yet. Need to put more compost!

It’s almost done. But not yet.

Dark brown color is compost and covered over all.

Yes, we have done it!

Let’s compare the photo “before” and “after” 😉

Before the soil. color was different but it was already very soft.

Next, I also helped to set up water hoses in a greenhouse.

Setting the water pipe
Connecting the plastic hoses into the pipe.
Pulling the hoses and evenly put on the ground.

After setting up the water hoses we tested if water comes from it.
Then covered all with a plastic sheet.

In this way, the soil will be disinfected by sunlight.

It was physically tough 😀 and also somehow I got a lot of mosquitoes bites… only me …. 🙁
I was wearing long sleeves and pants and other members were wearing just T-shirts…

Anyway, it was nice to know how much the farmer add compost in the field !

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