Replacing the Surface of TATAMI 畳の表替え

Farm inn

TATAMI is a Japanese straw mat. Traditional Japanese houses usually use them for some rooms. In my farm inn, there are several rooms which are traditional Japanese style. One of the rooms also has TATAMI however, the condition was terribly damaged.

You might think do I need to buy a new one? Actually, TATAMI is very sustainable.
Once you buy it, you can use for several decades!!!

When you need to refresh TATAMI, you can replace the surface of TATAMI.
To be honest, I was not fully sure if replacing the surface would refresh it or not.

This time, however, I’m 100% sure it could refresh perfectly!!!

Before replacing, in the room the TATAMI were terribly damaged.

Before replacing TATAMI

After replacing, it’s absolutely refreshed!!! I can not convey its fragrance but it’s so nice and comfortable.

After replacing the surface of the TATAMI

How to replace the surface of TATAMI

First, take out TATAMI. A craftsman did it using his tool.
Then he showed me several designs of the edge of TATAMI.

After I decided it, he carried to all the old TATAMI to his factory to replace the surface of them.

So next, it’s time to clean up the floor before coming the refreshed TATAMI.

Actually I was pretty nervous to see under the TATAMI because I thought there were a lot of bugs etc… however, it was much better than I expected.
I still had to sweep dusts and slightly fix the parts of the wooden floor, though.

Some how there is a piece of old wooden board.
I replaced it!

After 6 hours or so, the craftsman came back to my house with the refreshed TATAMI.

Before putting the TATAMI, I asked him to put mothproof sheets. It’s not necessary but I really wanted to add it.

After putting the TATAMI, the craftsman started to adjust the height with some TATAMI pieces. It’s really a slight difference.

That’s craftsmanship!

By the way, I chose the design. According to him, it’s a new design and it was the first time for him to work with the design 🙂

This time, he replaced with highly quality TATAMI materials but the price was stable.
I really appreciated it !!!!

This is the proof of highly quality and it’s made in Japan. You can trace all info via the QR code.

When you want to know how many times the surface of TATAMI has been replaced, you can see on the side of TATAMI which will show you the history of replacement.

The tatami has been replaced three times.

After replacing the TATAMI, the room has been totally transformed into a comfortable room.
You can fully enjoy the fragrance of the woven rush.

You can see the process via instagram or you tube;