Swallows Growth


Swallows’ babies are getting bigger and bigger and they look like their parents.

Their nest looks small for them now.

Let’s look back on their growth.

First, two swallows started to come into my balcony and then immediately started to make their nest. It took roughly just one day or so.

Then it seemed they started to protect and warm their eggs.

On 5 May I found their eggshell on my balcony.
It seemed the two swallows became parents and they started to work very hard to feed their babies.

After 1 week I found fluffy and gray babies in their nest.

After a few days, their gray feathers started to be darker.
Every a few minutes parents swallows were feeding their babies.

It looked 5 nestlings are there.

Then the day has come.

I saw the window and then noticed that one chubby swallow is under the handrail.

At first I was wondering why the swallow was there..?

This is because parents swallows had never been there. They usually on the handrail.
And the swallow looked like just sitting not standing with its legs.

Then I realized that the was the baby!!!

After 30 minutes or a hour the baby move on the handrail.

For a while the swallow was just standing on it and the parent’s swallow still gave it food.
Then two birds came to this bird and showed how to fly but the baby swallow still hesitated to fly.

Just staring at the outside for a while.

After that suddenly other babies started to chirp. Sounds they were cheering up the baby.

After hearing their sounds, the baby finally flew to an electrical wire in front of the balcony.

It’s pretty impressing!!!

After a few hours, other siblings also started to fly.

Flew to the closest part from their nest.

Some of the siblings are still in their nest. But they were leaning forward.

They will leave their nest very soon it’s time to say goodbye to them.

It’s a little bit sad but I feel also happy since they grew up safely 🙂

The next

day, the nest was empty.
I thought all swallows had left from here but in the evening they came back.
It seems they need to practice more how to fly 🙂