Farm & Garden

Edible Flower

One of the plants that I really wanted to grow is edible flower. In Japan, it's not so common and it's getting popular ...
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SHIRAUO Icefish -シラウオ

This year on 21 July it started. Yes, fishing "SHIRAUO". What is "SHIRAUO" ? It seems icefish is a collective term for...
Farm & Garden

Butternuts progress

In May, I planted butternuts seeds and lovely sprouts came up. I wanted to try companion planting this time and plante...
Farm & Garden

Pampas grass Planting Project 3

It has been for 5 months since pampas grass planting project started.Now the pampas grass divisions are getting bigger ...
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Rowing a Boat

One elder guy who has been working for locals asked us to take a boat since he bought it and in the future wants to mak...
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Osugi Shrine -大杉神社-

One of the gorgeous shrines in Ibaraki is absolutely this one!Some locals call "Anba-sama". This temple is selected “Th...
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