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Nowadays “EGOMA” oil is very popular in Japan due to its health effects. EGOMA is perilla in English and it’s very similar to “SHISO” but it’s not exactly the same and contains rich omega-3 oils.
“EGOMA” oil means basically extract from “EGOMA” seeds.

This time I visited the plant that extracts some oils such as “EGOMA”, canola and sunflowers.

The owner was willingly showed this place and well explained it to me. And he told me if I bring EGOMA seeds, he could extract them. So I was really excited 🙂
At this moment, they have just started to extract “EGOMA” oil and mainly they are making sunflowers and canola oil.

canola oil
oil pressed machinery
Between this boxes there is a oil filter so you can get clean and well strained oil.

If you bring some bottles such as plastic ones etc, they can pour it into it. So you don’t need to pay additional bottle cost.

Different kind of bottles but these are for canola and sunflowers oil. For “egoma” oil it has to use light shielding containers.

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Egoma seeds

Getting oil from seeds need a lot of seeds so we need a large field and human power as well, however, if we can make oil by ourselves, that would be very nice and interesting!

Actually, last year I got high-quality and organic EGOMA seeds from the farmer in Shimane, Japan and I still have some. I don’t know they are still possible to grow but it’s time to seed all of them this time.
The result will be known this Autumn 🙂