Cultivating a field

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It’s getting warm. This is the first time for me to cultivate this field and plants some seeds.
At first, Mitsu san used a large cultivator to cultivate a field because there were so many weeds there.

Here is a field with a lot of weeds.
Wow! it’s a so huge cultivator!

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The soil was pretty hard so to dig with a shovel was very tough, however, with this large cultivator, it didn’t take time…!

After cultivating the field, the soil was really soft and fluffy.

This field has not been used for a long time. But after cultivating, the soil was so soft and fluffy and it was even difficult to walk on it.

The edge of the field.

The cultivator was so huge and it could not cultivate the edge of the filed so I picked all weeds in this area. But some of the weeds have long and thick roots so removing from the bottom was impossible… When I was grabbing and pulling up the stems, those were cut. On the surface, it looked clean but inside of the soil, there were still a lot of roots…
Soon or later, they will come out again.

It took a whole day to remove all weeds but working outside makes me always feel good when the weather is fine!

ph 7

I checked its ph and it was 7 as you can see above photo.

So now it’s time to plant seeds here!

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