How to make Firewoods

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Mitsu san sells firewoods at a super affordable price.
All firewoods are prepared by us.

Let’s see how to make them!

Grabbing a wood with heavy machinery
Keep grabbing it.
getting off
Using chainsaw
Then cut the wood with the chainsaw

And the log is prepared. But it still has to cut into pieces.
By the way, the log looks short and light but actually it’s pretty heavy!

A lot of logs

We cut into pieces with other machinery.

Take a log and put it under the part of the pressure.
Push the button and then the part of pressure starts moving.
Cracked in a half.

Again, you might think it’s easy and light but in a reality, it’s heavy to carry the log under the machine and it’s pretty tough work.

Break into smaller pieces more.

After cracking into smalle pieces, we put them on the truck.

We will put them to pile up.
ops… sometimes…we found a worm in it.

After filling up the firewoods on the truck, we will carry them to dry and keep for a few years.

If you want to buy these firewoods, let us know 😉

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