Carrying a large plate with heavy machinery

Carrying heavy machineryUnaginobori

I need to caryy metal plates !


Got it!




Of course, I’ll help you! 


I’m coming !

To make a park in the bamboo forest, the metal plates are necessary for Mitsu san. Long time ago they made a shed near the river and they used metal plates for it. For few years, they hadn’t used it but now they wanted to utilize them. And then they decided to bring them back.

But the metal plates are so huge and it’s very tough to carry…

So It’s time to use his heavy machinery for it !

Carrying heavy machinery by large truck

Carrying heavy machinery with a large truck
Put it on the large truck

Ukishima area

We are ready to go to the place where they made the shed with large metal plates.
In Inashiki, there is the second largest lake called “Kasumigaura” in Ukishima area.
And Ukisima area borders on the lake.

A part of Ukishima

We arrived in the Ukishima area and started to pull up the metal plates with heavy machinery and ropes.
First, we needed to take the shed apart and hang the rope to the metal plate and pull it with heavy machinery.

Pulling the metal plate up
Taking the shed apart.
Then we need to put the plates on the truck.
Again, we pulling another large metal plate.
Pulling the plate up carefully

We were getting better to pull up the large metal plates the second time.
Next, we needed to put the plates on the truck and carried them to the bamboo forest.

When we arrived there, we started to put them on the ground.

Finally, our mission today was over safely.

After that, we had a drink together at our hideout. But you know, I don’t drink alcohol because I get drunk easily and have to drive to my home. Other members live near here so it’s no problem. They can go home by bike.

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