Farm & Garden

Edible Flower

One of the plants that I really wanted to grow is edible flower. In Japan, it's not so common and it's getting popular ...
Farm & Garden

Butternuts progress

In May, I planted butternuts seeds and lovely sprouts came up. I wanted to try companion planting this time and plante...
Farm & Garden

Y’s farm

In this area, a lot of locals have their own farms. This time I visited Ysan's farm. Actually he is a rice farmer but h...
Farm & Garden

Moringa tree

Last year I bought some Moringa trees but in this area, we have winter so I think moringa could not survive. But It lo...
Farm & Garden

Carrots and beets

We planted swiss chards and ice plants in the greenhouse and carrots and beets are outside in the middle of October. It...
Farm & Garden

Planting seeds in the Okaasan’s field

Fuji-左 I know it's getting winter but I want to plant seeds in your field. Is that ok? Okaasan(Mitsusans mothe...
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