Guesthouse and Shared house

Applying Stains

Old houses are basically necessary to maintain regularly ,however, this house had been empty for a few years. Of course...
Guesthouse and Shared house

Painting Ceilings

DIY sounds good but it's not so easy to do everything alone unless you are professional or good at doing it. However, p...
Guesthouse and Shared house

Using a Sander

To minimize costs, DIY is significant. Painting is fine but other things are unsure if I can do well.Then a carpenter w...
Guesthouse and Shared house

Tidying up a Room!

This photo is one of the rooms. One day friends offered me to help cleaning. So we started to carry furniture and wi...
Guesthouse and Shared house

DIY -Changing a Screen

I was wondering if I could change a screen by myself. One day I went to 100 shop to buy cleaning tools and coincidental...

Thatched Roof House in Inashiki-city, Ibaraki Part1

It was in August I got information there was a thatched house roof in Inashiki-city, Ibaraki.When I saw that house, I w...
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